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At a time like this, the Party should be uniting and helping those who need hope most, not bickering amongst itself.

So, in this campaign I want to hear specifics from both candidates over what they will do? What is the plan?

Thank you for giving me the chance to express my views as a new member of the Party. I’m 40, and well remember the celebration in my house when Stephen Twigg beat Portillo in the small hours of the 1997 election. However, apart from the minimum wage (from which I benefited personally back in 1999) there seemed little to cheer about in the Blair years and I hadn’t felt inspired to join the Party until Mr Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected leader. I, like many others it seems, think Mr Corbyn is the Labour leader they have been waiting for, for too long. I am inspired by his promises to halt injustices like student fees and the loss of grants, creeping privatisation of public services, benefit cuts, poverty wages and wealth inequality that too often the Labour Party has either started or been complicit in. Mr Corbyn and his cabinet would not have been silent in the face of Tory attacks on disabled people: I was shouting at my TV but where were the Labour voices raised in anger at the catastrophic cuts and the demonisation of the most vulnerable in our society? Mr Corbyn’s history shows that he will do his best to achieve these things, to uphold Labour's values and oppose the Tories. I know that some long-term members will no doubt regard the new intake as naïve and feel that Mr Corbyn cannot win among the general public. But I feel like the tide has turned in Britain (as elsewhere in the world). Neo-Liberalism and ‘not rocking the economic boat’ may have won in 1997, but that feels a long time ago now and that plan has failed. In the resulting vacuum, UKIP and the SNP have been able to pose as the friends of working people. Mr Corbyn is Labour’s best hope in a country that is fed-up with Labour promising to ‘manage the economy’, rather than changing it to work for ordinary people. ”
Dave Pinnock
This has been a torrid affair and a dark time in Labour's history. The anti-democratic manoeuvrings of some MPs, and some of the NEC, throughout this unjustified attempt at a leadership coup has been an utter disgrace and has shown total disdain for the lifeblood of the Party – its membership. There have been too many lies and slurs and they have mostly come from one side of the debate. I will be voting for Jeremy, in the hope that we can see a return to the comradely values at the core of the Party ethos, the upholding of genuine Labour values, and genuine, democratic respect for the grassroots members. ”
Paul Hellawell

I feel thoroughly let down by and disenfranchised with the Labour Party. Without everyday members, the Parliamentary MPs would be nothing. How the NEC can justify changing leadership voting rules at the drop of a hat to suit their own agenda baffles me. I joined because I believed in something and that has left me feeling like I’ve been robbed – I’ve had my money taken yet do not have any of the rights I was promised. Cancelling the CLP meetings is also disgraceful. At a time like this, the Party should be uniting and helping those who need hope most, not bickering amongst itself. I am VERY worried about the future of the Labour Party. It will either dissolve, or become something I cannot identify with.
Keir Bailey

Where to begin? To seek to replace a leader after ten months seems premature and just plain idiocy. However, looking past the rhetoric and divisions, we have to recognise that a significant part of the PLP, and a lot of members, have issues with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. We cannot dismiss these concerns. The PLP are our democratically elected representatives in parliament and talk of treachery and de-selection has no place in this Party. This Party needs a well functioning unified PLP to provide opposition. So we know the PLP have concerns, and what they are. I will cast my vote on what Jeremy Corbyn decides to do about those concerns. For all the talk of unity and reaching out there has not been much action on this front. How! That is the key word for Jeremy Corbyn 's leadership. How will you reach out? How will you form an effective opposition? How will you convince Tory/Lib Dem/UKIP voters to vote Labour? For all the ‘we're a social movement’ and ‘I have a mandate’ we need action, we need policies and we need a campaign plan. There are economic advisers who say they have never even met Jeremy Corbyn, the national policy executive have not met in two years! Only a fool would say everything is fine. So, in this campaign I want to hear specifics from both candidates over what they will do? What is the plan? Because I don't see any new members leafleting, campaigning, calling. I see them posting online and attending Momentum rallies. We need action, we need a mobilised Labour Party with a clear vision and set of policies. We need a leader who can make that happen with more than rallying cries and rhetoric. Otherwise we're doomed to the Tories.
Alan Park

I am disappointed that we are not being allowed to meet in order to nominate the leadership candidate of our constituency's choice. Against the backdrop of branch meetings being cancelled and the fact that several constituencies have gone ahead with nominations, it does not seem to me to make a great deal of sense to keep our heads down in this way.”
Carol Diggle

I was 100 per cent behind Jeremy Corbyn when he was elected last year and remain so. The machinations of the PLP and their wealthy donors has sickened me. What ever happened to democracy?”
Sarah Camp

Due to the fact that our elected MP is continuing to support Jeremy, should we not be doing the same, this will in fact show our continuing support for her.”
Bryan and Sheila Ward

I wish that everyone in the Labour Party would get behind the elected leader. How many leaders have had so much support from the grass roots? Why can't they follow the wishes of the members? They are tearing the Party apart.
Richard Ison

The Labour Party has deserted the working classes and the working classes have deserted the Labour Party – until now. There was a great chance to re-engage but it is being squandered by infighting over the past when we should be looking to respond together, united, to the current situation. Tragedy or farce? Probably both.
Barbara Robinson

I have been a faithful member of the Labour Party for 70 years, first joining Woolwich CLP after release from the Royal Navy in 1946. The Tony Blair years convinced me that the assertion that principles must be tempered in order to gain power is fundamentally unsound, resulting, for example, in the gradual privatisation of the NHS being initiated by Labour. Having enjoyed elected office myself I have observed the pernicious effect of power upon some who, once elected, will make any compromise to retain their individual power and prestige. The guiding principles and policies of the Labour Party should be determined by the Party members and the affiliates, with respect given to the views of those who are elected in the name of the Party but not any right of veto.
John DV Scott

I believe the latest challenge and subsequent media coverage is an attempt to disengage the public with politics by dragging the arguments into one of Party politics. Banning local meetings because they may disagree with you is a disgraceful way to run a Party.
Phil Anstee

So we can't have meetings, we can't have a nomination meeting, or any sort of discussion. What is the actual point of being a Party member in York? This Party’s gone weak, i thought the point of being in a political Party was to express views and opinions, to have a voice for many, for people to be listened to –  to agree, disagree. I've just joined Labour since the EU referendum... not to vote in this leadership election but to hopefully put foward views and opinions, to discuss with other like minded people their views. However, right now i feel there is very little point to being a Labour Party member in York and that the Party wants my money, not my opinion.
Alex Malham

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